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Become a Better Leader in 30 minutes: The Half Hour Method

It’s astonishing how profound an impact thirty minutes can have on our lives, especially when wielded with intention. In our quest to become a better leader, we are hungry for methods and techniques to improve certain skills. Today I present to you, the half an hour method. It is a set of small yet potent strategies, that when implemented, will not only improve your personal life but also strengthen your leadership capabilities. The following applications are just examples though. The principle behind all of them is to always think, “how could I use 30 minutes to improve this”.

And that is pretty much it. No rocket science, this examples will give you an idea on how powerful it can be. These are the half-hour changes that have the power to change your life drastically, and help you become a better leader.

  1. Instead of ruminating for days over a decision, make it within thirty minutes.
  2. Have that decisive conversation you’ve been putting off, in the next half an hour.
  3. Move your wake-up time half an hour earlier.
  4. Spend at least half an hour talking with someone you care about.
  5. When you feel so busy you don’t even have time to go to the bathroom, take a half-hour break.
  6. The data you look at in 5 minutes, give them 30 minutes to speak to you.
  7. Reading for half an hour every day equates to a book per week.
  8. If something upsets you, take half an hour before you respond.
  9. If someone needs five minutes more of your time, give them thirty.
  10. If you find working out daunting, start with thirty minutes.
  11. If you’ve got to be somewhere you don’t want to be , give it half an hour, then leave if necessary.
  12. If you’re having a great time but need to leave, stay half an hour longer.

The beauty of the Half Hour Method, is that it stacks up. If you do only one of them, nothing happens. But if you systematically always think ,how do I solve this in half an hour, or how can I improve this with half an hour, it will add up to big changes.

Stack up the effects to become a better leader

Of course it will help you become a better leader, you might think. Itis actually improving everything at once, not like we are inventing the wheel here! The real change, the secret of the method, is to make it in digestible bites. To get the appropriate mindset to be ready to invest half an hour when needed. Half an hour doesn’t feel too big to be a heavy burden, nor too small to be insignificant. Let it stack up.

By doing this, you will improve the following among other skills or facets of your life:

  1. Decision making skills: This practice enhances decisiveness, a crucial attribute for effective leadership.
  2. Resolution and Proactive confrontation: Immediate and direct communication in delicate moments, is often the first step towards resolution and a hallmark of a good leader.
  3. Discipline: Discipline and determination are not only respected traits in leaders, they are muscles. Train them and they will do amazing things for you.
  4. Strong relationships: do not be scarce with the time you dedicate to the people that matter to you. Or to your project in a professional environment. Good relationships are the bedrock of strong leadership
  5. Control: When the day takes control over you, you need to grab it back.
  6. Analytic Thinking: like any other thinking, you can hypertrophy or atrophy it. Dashboars and KPIs often hide truths in different layers that won’t arise if you don’t give them enough time to emerge breaking the most superficial layers. It signifies a deeper understanding and thoroughness, qualities of a commendable leader.
  7. Never stop learning: Reading expands your knowledge and perspectives, fostering innovation and thought leadership.
  8. Emotional intelligence: Saying things the right way in the right moment, is a practice that fosters patience and thoughtful communication, both essential for leadership.
  9. Team empowerment: As a leader, you are an ice breaker. I could argue that your most important role as a leader, is removing obstacles off your team’s way, trying to not bother them too much while at it. There is a missconception about team empowerment: it doesn’t mean to leave them do as they see fit with no guidance. It means to provide them with whatever they assess they need to deliver the goals they are asked for. Sometimes, what they need is your coaching. This exhibits empathy and respect for others.
  10. Wellness: Well, it is like reading, got to be in any and all lists of how to get better at anything from an holistic approach. Leadership is no different.
  11. Resilience: Do what you got to do when you got to do it. But do it fast if it is unpleasant and get it out of the way. Compromise to get it done. This is about resilience and self-respect, aspects vital for enduring leadership.
  12. Have fun: Have fun, period. If you are enjoying the moment, cut yourself some slack, and give your self 30 more minutes before reporting back for duty.

By applying these half-hour principles, you’re not only enhancing your daily life but also crafting your leadership profile. The key to effective leadership and personal success might just be getting into this 30 minutes to improve mindset.

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